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Planting New Trees

Land Ethic
Admin & Development

Think Like a Mountain

Land Ethic Admin and Development (LEAD) Consulting provides custom-built solutions for the administration and development of environmental programs, initiatives, and projects. LEAD Consulting works with organizations to cut through the red tape, providing environmental program support. Whether your goal is planting trees in underserved communities or engaging landowners in a specific watershed, LEAD Consulting is there behind the scenes so you can be out front. From tackling requirements associated with governmental funding to developing a stakeholder engagement strategy, LEAD Consulting provides the expertise to be efficient, successful, and compliant.

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About LEAD Consulting

Hi! I'm Nathan Hoover. I founded LEAD Consulting as a single-member LLC in 2023, after more than a decade of experience in natural resource management; delivering environmental programs from inception, to boots-on-the-ground delivery, and finally to close out.


LEAD Consulting specializes in the "behind the scenes" work and coordination of organizations when developing and administrating environmental/natural resource programs, initiatives, and projects. LEAD Consulting is focused on providing high-quality research, planning, and tools for your organization to meet its objectives.


Organization-Program-Initiative-Project Assessment

LEAD Consulting provides comprehensive organization and program assessment, as well as project and initiative evaluation, for organizations that operate environmental programs, projects, and initiatives. I will work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current administration and development practices, and provide initial consultation services to help you implement effective solutions that achieve your goals. By partnering with LEAD Consulting, you can increase the impact of your environmental programs, projects, and initiatives, and ensure that your organization is well-positioned to achieve long-term success in the face of changing environmental challenges.

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Planning & Development

Custom Solutions

LEAD Consulting offers expert assistance in developing, planning, and coordinating programs, projects, and initiatives for organizations that operate public-facing environmental programs. I will work with you to develop effective strategies for administration and development services that align with your organization's mission and goals. I'll help you identify funding opportunities, engage stakeholders, and develop innovative solutions that maximize the impact of your environmental programs, projects, and initiatives. With my expertise and guidance, you can take your organization's public-facing environmental efforts to the next level and achieve lasting positive change.

Your Strategic Partner

Our Goals are to Help You Achieve Yours

A LEAD Consulting private sector strategic partnership can provide organizations with the necessary administration and development services to achieve their goals. By partnering with LEAD Consulting, you can tap into the resources of the private sector to achieve your environmental goals more efficiently and effectively, while also generating long-term value for your organization and stakeholders.

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